Sunday, May 15, 2011

Megan Fox

I love her, a lot.

People try to tell me she's fake, trashy and/or a horrible actress (not denying those statements truth) but all of that doesn't deter my love.  She's hot, she knows it and works it.

Done with the Megan Fox obsession. She also dresses perfectly and has nice eyebrows. Ok, now I'm done.

Who's your celeb love?


  1. I love Megan Fox! I think the people who throw negative comments about her are just jealous.
    I love her style, her attitude and yes im jealous of those eyebrows, lol. Im with you on this one :D x

  2. Who's your celeb love?

    Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba & Olivia Wilde!!!

    Angelina Jolie & Jessica Alba
    -Because they're hot mothers

    Olivia Wilde
    -Because she have that special looks that no other stars have.