Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrifted: Haul #1

So I went thrifting...

and I'm obsessed.
Not to the point of going all the time but thinking of it. I just really like the whole treasure hunt aspect. It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
I will do my best to remember the prices and I included the brand names for those who are curious. With that said here it goes.

Gold Necklace ($1.99) I love the way its linked and it feels like nice quality.
Gold Knot Earrings ($.99) I absolutely love these!  They are so cute.
Silver Fan Earrings ($.99) These are really cute. They're a bit cheap, like plastic metal(?)
White Floral Ring ($3.99) I really love the design. I'm trying to start a ring collection.
Octagon Silver Ring ($1.99) It's really simple and pretty.
National Geographic from 1981 ($.39) I have no idea what I'm going to do with this but the cover was so pretty.  Maybe frame it but I don't want to damage the magazine.

White Open Knit Pull-Over from Christopher & Banks ($3.00) 
I thought this would be a nice beach coverup.
Hawaiian Print Tank from Tiasa ($4.00)
I LOVE this.  It isn't the most figure flattering but I love the print.
Mint Green Cable Knit Sweater from Croft & Barrow ($4.00)
Gorgeous color.  It's a bit short but I think it makes it look cuter.
Black Open Crochet Sweater ($4.00)
No idea how to wear this. I just thought the fabric was so unique.

Along with rings I want to start a belt collection.

Green Leather Belt from Ralph Lauren ($1.99)
It's a really dark green and seems to be real.
Beaded Brown Belt ($.99)
I love the beaded detail. It's definitely a waist belt for me.
Braided Black Belt ($.99)
Super cheap quality but I wanted a really long belt. 

 So I have a third collection I want to start...
Random t-shirts, most with animals on them.

Yelling Moose/Caribou ($4.99) I love how artsy it looks.
Arizona Collage ($4.99) I like the navajo print and the big skull.

Anyone else have thrifting fever?

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  1. hey thanks for following <3 i share your thriftinfatuation :D well i thought it was an infatuation, but you know 4 years, and still going strong, it's more like a serious relationship ^^ cute blog! xx